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Happy 4th

Photos by Charles Mujie. © 2007 Charles Mujie.

Happy 4th everyone. Here is a tip if you plan on shooting fireworks tonight.

What you need;

  1. A sturdy tripod

  2. Camera & lens (obviously)

  3. Memory card & fully charged battery

  4. A cable release

  5. Spare battery

Find a spot where you have a good vantage point to view the fireworks and plant your tripod. Mount your camera on your tripod. Set your camera to ISO 100, manual exposure mode, aperture f/8 or f/16, and shutter speed bulb. Set your lens to manual focus. Focus your lens to infinity (∞). Lastly, connect the cable release to your camera. As the fireworks starts press and hold the cable release for the desired duration. If you are not familiar with these steps you might want to rehearse prior to the shoot.

Enjoy and have a safe 4th.

#Howto #Fireworks

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