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San Francisco Shoot with Luiz

Photos by Charles Mujie. © 2015 Charles Mujie.

I recently did a photo shoot with Luiz in San Francisco. It was a great shoot. Luiz writes about vegetarianism for weight lifters. Go checkout his website and follow on instagram: @lrk_kung.


He also took a couple of shots with some tourist.

Tech Notes:

  • Canon 5D Mk II with Canon EF 24 – 70mm f/2.8, and Canon 580 EX II.

  • Rogue FlashBender – I used the large reflector with the diffusion panel.

  • Camera set to Aperture Priority and ISO 400. I was shooting either f/4.0 or f/5.6.

  • Canon 580 EX II set to E-TTL and Hi-speed Sync. It was one of those overcast San Francisco day. The on-camera flash was used a fill.

#OutdoorShoot #Canon5DMkII #Canon580EXII #RogueFlashBender #CanonEF2470mmf28L #FillFlash

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